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Luxury Sales Expert for Fine Jewelers

Reimagining Client Loyalty

"Highest Year Ever"

With the least amount of time in the studio! Everything that could have gone wrong this year, did! Family crisis, Corna-virus, even my biggest show was cancelled. And still - I’m up five figures over last year’s numbers!

- Katy Bey, Fine Jeweler 

You are an award winning jeweler. You're in 10+ retail stores (your best pieces are collecting dust in someone else's showroom). 

It makes you wonder:

What if I was in full control of my business and...

Could sell my pieces directly to the private collectors who spend $100,000 per piece - without objecting or fussing 

Had the easy to execute systems in place to reach out to my private collectors to get them to buy again and again for every major milestone and anniversary

Had a waiting list for my custom work, so I could count on consistent and reliable cash flow in my business

Knew the exact marketing actions to take each week to bring in highly qualified leads moving them from browsing to buying 

Hired a fantastic virtual assistant who could take all of my tech busy work off my plate, so I could get back to designing and creating new work

Alysha Whitfield

Within 2 months of working with Kathleen, I doubled the prices on all of my jewelry. Selling high end makes so much sense.

- Alysha Whitfield, Custom and Fine Jeweler 

Kelly Lannen

I just did the math - I sold fewer pieces of jewelry and am making more money!

- Kelly Lannen, 12th House Jewelry 

My name is Kathleen Cutler, sales genius to multi million dollar jewelry brands (and East Coast mom of a four-year-old) and I can help you get paid what you're worth, and have the confidence to close high networth clients…. without spending the next decade trial and error-ing your way there (you want results, and you want them fast).

this is where...

Your existing clients come back to spend their money with you EVERY MILESTONE (just do the math: a $30,000 engagement ring, then $15,000 on bands + $7,500 on bridal jewelry… and that's only year one)

You receive so many ready-to-drop-5-figures REFERRALS out of the blue, that marketing becoming icing on your million dollar cake (not your survival strategy!)

After picking your "$$ low-hanging fruit $$", we'll add new clients to the mix (and making sure your virtual storefront CONVERTS!

melissa caron

Before working with Kathleen, I struggled so much with organizing my business and charging higher price points, I'd simply bury my head and make jewelry (while the money was leaking out like water).

Since working with Kathleen, I confidently created a collaboration with a public figure, and had a $68,000 week! I was able to pay down debt and even by a new computer, as well as getting major press and on national TV!

- Melissa Caron, Fine Jewelry Retailer 

“I just had a $68k Week followed by a national TV segment!”

Christine Lupo

Before I started with Kathleen, my business was a hot mess. Now, I actually can see where the business is going and what I need to do and when I need to be ramping up, bringing new clients in, when I need to make more appointments.

I'm just thrilled that it's all getting me organized and that the money is coming and I can see where the money will come in going forward.

- Christine Lupo, Private Jeweler

“$14,367 booked in 30 days and $75,000 in the pipeline”

Besides helping you get more sales (without needing more followers or traffic)...

…I'll show you the way to:

Repeat Clientele

Turn "one off" clients into repeat clients for life (and get my secret sauce for making your best clients walk back through the door, no matter what season!) 

Buyers that Want Your High-End Pieces

Want to sell more of your $5,000 necklaces? Your $30,000 engagement rings? I'll show you how to condition your clients to spend big. 

No more discounts 

I'll show you how to move beyond seasonal selling and discounts (and make more money than ever before). 

Simple, Repeatable Systems 

Using state of the art technology systems, you can ensure that your clienteling will be modern and reliable. 

Sales on Demand

Want to go on vacation? Want to make some new hires? Knowing how to create sales on demand will ensure that you can grow your business at your pace! 

21st Century Selling 

Get in on the exact strategies that'll enable you to sell wedding bands at $15,000 on a Sunday morning, on IG or FB (and repeat that success!) 

What if inquiries for your most couture pieces came rolling into your DM's while you're having dinner with your family…

…and you could (consistently) close $50,000+ clients between dinner and dessert?


(including clients are a 5-year hiatus, spending 5-figures on a piece the first time they buy, getting referred and sought out at every life milestone)

kena treadway

"4,920% increase in revenue year over year"

“Kathleen looks at your business as a whole and determines exactly what it is that she feels she can do for you. And I know that if you give her the opportunity that you will experience the exact same thing with great results as I have.”

- Kena Treadway, Few Made Jewelry

Sold a $20k diamond AND tackled $20k in Debt

Sold a $7,500 piece of jewelry and it was the easiest sale yet!

$85k month with a huge Profit Margin since moving from whole to retail!

Doubled her prices and an existing client bought again with no price objections!

13 totally random facts about me

(like why you want to have me on your team in case the Zombie apocalypse hits)...


Sometimes when I dream, I think I'm grading Gemstones (like, for hours). Must be because of the time I spent getting my degree at the Gemological Institute of America in Graduate Diamond grading!


Making jewelry has been a hobby since I was an eight-year-old stringing seed beaded bracelets in my bedroom listening to Alanis Morissette CDs on my boombox.


I'm not just a business coach who decided to work with Jewelers. I've been one myself. I started out doing bench work as an apprentice for Rebekah Brooks. But after realizing that I didn’t have the design eye, I decided my zone of genius is whipping other creatives into financial shape!


Don't ever try to rob my favorite Victorian locket with my grandmother’s photo in it. I hold a black belt in Karate. Oh, I can also outrun you, because I learned the power of mantra running laps every Saturday in a dojo. In other words, I'm fast and dangerous :-)


I married my high school sweetheart (we fell in love in 2004 - and then dated on and off for years before he had a near death experience rock climbing and we realized that life was short! We were engaged 6 months later). Now, we have a dog, a baby and a Victorian house (yes, with a white picket fence!) I like to bake, garden and kick it old school! 


If you see me take a really, really deep breath on one of our Zoom calls, I'm drawing on one of the exercises I learned when I got my 350 hour certified yoga teacher certification in Kerala, India (did I mention I'm fast and dangerous? I'm flexible too).


My grandmother was a NASA mathematician who earned a graduate degree in the 1940s. I’ve never met her - she died when my dad was 13, but I feel so connected to her and I wear her necklace almost everyday.


I love antique jewelry and the victorian era is my favorite to collect, though so many amazing pieces have passed me by! I wear my Victorian signet ring everyday.


I’ve helped half a dozen jewelers hit the $1,000,000 mark and even helped one add over $1,500,000 to her bottom line DURING the pandemic!


My two year old son is a total joy and the reason I feel so compelled to build a legacy business. When I wave to him as I leave the home to walk to my studio, I often imagine the business that I will pass along to him. 


I have a literature and business degree - Little did I know how well it would serve me to support fine jewelers in their businesses, helping them share their unique stories in a way that makes them money. Lots of money.


No wonder… I'm a total bookworm. I read about a novel a week and always have five books going. I’ve done this since I was a young kid and learned to read! Right now I'm reading Tapping Into Wealth, and The Art of Selling to the Affluent, and Profit First, oh, and three Danielle Steel novels.


I attended the National Outdoor Leadership School at the age of 17. We spent 30 days backpacking in the wilderness. I learned about leadership, perseverance and came back so fit for my senior year of high school, where I was the captain of my cross country running team (in other words - you want me on your team in case the Zombie apocalypse hits!).

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