The luxury market isn’t going anywhere -- but it is changing.

And while many jewelers are struggling to navigate the biggest economic shift in recent memory, an uncertain future in an oversaturated market looms near. 

Shifting to an affluent sales model is the most proven and effective way to ramp up profits fast (no matter what the economy throws your way) with the help of your greatest resource: your relationships.

The High End Sales Society is the only private consulting program that gives you everything you need to build a highly profitable affluent client base for your business.

MORE EASE: Overall, your interactions with the affluent are more direct, take less energy, and move toward the closing of a sale faster. Not to mention that the profit from each sale made is significantly higher on average. 

MORE SECURITY: Affluent individuals are far less likely to be hard hit by a down economy, and many actually see it as a great opportunity and double down their investments – including investing in jewelry like yours!

MORE JOY: It can be way more pleasurable to work with people who can easily afford your jewelry! After all, you didn’t start your jewelry business with the hopes of having to justify the value of your work every day.

Selling To More Affluent Clientele Offers A Number Of Benefits That Go Way Beyond The Obvious Increase In Revenue…


You CAN attract more affluent clients and make sales in any

Whether your business is virtual, brick-and-mortar, or both… 
With a relationship-focused framework, you can become the go-to jeweler for wealthy collectors in your community (and gain their trust for generations to come!)

Christie's broke records with a $2.1 million diamond sale during the lockdown.

Sotheby’s also marked the record for the highest price ever paid for a piece of jewelry, achieving $1.34 million for a Cartier Tutti Frutti bracelet.

The jewelry industry is absolutely BOOMING, and as jewelers we're presented with an extraordinary opportunity high-networth individuals are looking to fine jewelry as their favorite luxury investment (and most treasured future heirlooms). 

Hi, I'm Kathleen Cutler, 

For more than a decade, I’ve been a leader in the affluent client space.

My journey started as an outdoor adventure guide to ultra-high-net-worth individuals, and for the past 10 years, I’ve worked exclusively in the high-end jewelry industry honing my skills with 7-figure brands to combine the conveniences of modern technology with the power of old school relationship-building.

Now, I’m pulling out all the stops inside The High End Sales Society to help jewelry business owners ramp up FAST to attract, sell, and retain affluent clients, so that your business doesn’t just survive this uncertain time -- but positively THRIVES in any economy. 

What is The High End Sales Society?

The Society is the first and only private consulting process on the market that provides jewelry businesses a complete strategic roadmap to creating a highly profitable affluent attractive business, including done-for-you campaigns, comprehensive swipe files and a full 12 months of concierge-style support to help you FIND, ENGAGE, SELL and IMPRESS your affluent prospects.

Our entire program is based upon the exclusive tools and strategies I have developed to address the needs of smart business owners who want a simple, clear, and streamlined way to uplevel their business to attract and retain premium clients.

These aren’t the same-old, same-old business-building strategies you’ve seen repackaged a million times in programs sold elsewhere. This program is based on:

1. My decade of expertise in working with ultra-high-net-worth individuals selling high-end jewelry.

2. Extensive market research into exactly what is happening in affluent markets now (and why).

3. Proven systems and methodologies that help you strengthen your relationships and revenue. 

Christine Lupo

Getting a schedule set up and sticking to it. Getting my financial house in order and being able to get three months of aged money in my accounts. Setting up systems in all areas of my business. Staying on track even with the crazy year we have had and staying focused on the things that would keep my business moving forward.

Joining The Society is the best thing they could do for their business if you are serious about taking it to the next level.

-Christine Lupo

"I am on track to double my sales from last year thanks to all of the systems I have put in place."

So, if you are a jeweler who finds yourself:

Craving clarity about what exactly you should be focused on RIGHT NOW to build your business and strengthen your relationships.

Ready to finally experience the results you think you should be getting (or better!) for your effort and investment in your business.

Able to quickly shift gears and adopt what may be radically different ways of thinking and doing business than you’ve ever been taught.
Fired up about the massive opportunity that awaits the bold jeweler who is willing to rise to the challenge and has the support to do it…

Then we encourage you to apply for your private invitation today!

What would it mean for your business to sell up to 5-15 pieces per month at $10k-$20k each…

...without traveling to expensive trade shows or meeting in person? 

Let’s do the math: how much is it costing you to not sell direct to consumer? 

If you are currently only selling virtually OR in-person without truly meeting your clients where they’re at... you are wasting so many HOURS of your time (or even worse, paying someone else to waste their time!) How much is that worth? 

If you are only selling your jewelry wholesale, just by shifting into a direct to collector model, you can give yourself a 4x raise -- yes, I know, because this is something that we will do together in The Society with our profitability pricing calculator!

(And if you aren’t currently offering high-end designs for your clients then not only are you literally missing out on tens of thousands in revenue...but you’re also missing out on serving your best clients at a higher level!)

If you can add even just 3-5 new clients at month at this new premium price point (without spending all of your time on sales or delivery) what would that mean for your business?

If you aren’t currently offering high-end designs for your current are literally missing out on tens of thousands in revenue...but you’re also missing out on serving your best clients at a higher level.