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The High-End

Build your profitable virtual showroom, without ever needing to meet with clients in-person or rely on wholesale accounts again. 

‘Best Month I’ve Ever Had With Sales Over $100K! 

Joining The Society with Kathleen is an absolute no-brainer if you’re struggling to create consistent revenue in your business and are ready to have the financial stability you need to focus on your creative work, without worry.

- Melissa Caron, Fine Jewelry Retailer 

Ready for your highly profitable, direct-to-consumer jewelry business? 

melissa caron

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Do you believe that you must sell in-person in order to have your clients invest $3k, $25k or even $100k in your jewelry?

Fortunately, you're also wrong (well, just misinformed), here's why:

Christie's broke records with a $2.1 million diamond sale during the lockdown.

Sotheby’s also marked the record for the highest price ever paid for a piece of jewelry, achieving $1.34 million for a Cartier Tutti Frutti bracelet.

The jewelry industry is absolutely BOOMING, and as jewellers we're presented with an extraordinary opportunity high-networth individuals are looking to replace luxury travel and fine dining with couture handmade artisan jewelry.

The jewelry industry is absolutely BOOMING, and as jewellers we're presented with an extraordinary opportunity high-networth individuals are looking to replace luxury travel and fine dining with couture handmade artisan jewelry.

There is a way to
sell your fine
jewelry without
meeting in person. 

It is an incredibly intimate, and elegant process (with no clunky tech issues)…

...meaning it is actually a better experience for both you and your (potential) clients no matter their age.

Imagine what your daily life would be like if you didn't have to worry about not being able to meet in-person with their best clients and would …

Increase sales month after month, because now you have a solid strategy you can repeat and count on (no more wondering what to do).

Consistently find clients who have the budget to buy a pair of $50,000 earrings (or more) - rather than you trying to buffer your income stringing together small projects you have to sell for family and friend discounts (ugh).

Confidently quote your highest prices - no longer squirming at taking people’s money (talk about a mindset shift).

Be so flush, you can take off an entire week (or month!) for a creative sabbatical, knowing that your clients are being taken care of while you are away.

Have a Legacy System in place, that ensures clients and collectors will buy from you over an entire lifetime.

Post your $25,000+ design on Insta and sell it an hour later (true story, this is what happened yesterday to one of our students).

Effortlessly keep track of your past clients and their preferences, so you can systematically turn follow up into cash flow whenever you want (no more waiting for the holidays).

Be able to splurge on material whenever (like that perfect padparadscha sapphire for your newest collection) - you know you're meant to create with the most exquisite! 

The 7 or 8 figure business. AND feeling exquisitely fulfilled as the artist you are.

Most jewelers think they can be either dedicated to their craft, OR have a wildly successful business. I'm here to show you that you can have BOTH. 

How do I know?

I'm Kathleen Cutler, 

Sales genius to multimillion-dollar jewelry brands (and Mainer mom of a two-year-old), and I help successful (c’mon, you secretly know you are) fine jewellers who are in love with the creative process, AND desire 7 or 8-figure income …

… without handing most of it over to greedy gatekeepers (you're looking for more profit, not just more income). 

And my program, that I'm about to tell you more about, is designed to help you pull in high networth clients, and have the Legacy System ™ in place to keep them collecting over their lifetime.

… without losing the intimate touch
… without turning into a sales person
… without traveling to tradeshows the entire summer 

You have the talent.
You have the ambition.

I'm just going to make it a whole lot easier for you, and cut years off of your trial and error-ing (and DIY-ing) your way to the success you desire.

Say hello to the MBA for fine jewellers (giving you the business confidence you've been feeling has been missing)

Like Christine Lupo, Premier Private Jeweler, who THRIVED during the shutdowns.

Susanne Siegel

Before the program my typical project was around $2-3K and I had a little apprehension wondering if my clients would pay that. Our work in the society helped get me more comfortable with higher prices and now I typically work on $5-8K projects. I have no doubt that $10-15K projects are around the corner.

I'd say that the community is priceless and that you, Kathleen, really know what designers need to uplevel.

-Susanne Siegel, Custom Jeweler, Past President Women's Jewelry Association, Chicago Chapter 

‘I am 303% up over last year!’

Knowing I needed better and more efficient systems in place, real clarity on what I wanted my business to look like and help refining the tools needed, especially my mindset, to move the needle forward, it was a super easy decision to join The Society with Kathleen!

I've become clear on what I want in my business (financially and creatively) and my confidence has grown exponentially! I’m now asking for help when I need it, charging appropriately for the services, expertise and product I provide, have streamlined my systems, made some awesome hires and am growing at a steady pace. All thanks to Kathleen and the inspiring community that is The Society."

-Sarah EK Muse, Roanoke's Premiere Private Jeweler

‘Sold my highest piece ever (and it was the easiest sale yet!)’

Sarah Muse

The High-End Jewelers Society

Get the Personalized Mentorship, Systems and Step by Step Blueprint you Need to Sell Your $10,000++ Luxury Pieces Online

If you sell luxury jewelry, you owe it to yourself (or your family business) to learn how to nurture, present and sell virtually…

… with the same level of integrity, connection and intimacy that you have when you're selling in person. 

The Society helps you do just that.

You’ll discover exactly how to take everything you're doing right in person… and apply it virtually for more intimacy, more sales and higher profits.

What's included in The Society

Access to the 12-Month Society Program & Curriculum

This program is very intentionally designed to be a 12 month container, as it will allow us to optimize the high-ticket/couture arm of your existing business (or successfully build one), and then build and optimize the live private sales funnel for it. Ready for sleek, organized and highly profitable? 

Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Kathleen

Each week, we have high level coaching calls together. This is where we will discuss strategy, overcome challenges, go deep into developing your million-dollar mindset and fix any issues in your business model, sales or funnel.

Weekly Critique & Review Your Work

Each week, you will submit your work for feedback and critique. Get our support on everything from your website, emails and evergreen sales funnel. We give you actionable, expert feedback on your copy, structure, strategy, and more.

Private Client-Only FB Group

Connect with the other high-level members of this exclusive program, surround yourself with successful multiple 6- and 7-figure business owners, ask questions and get support in our private group. You'll stay connected to ambitious friends, network with other experts, and see the inner workings of high 6 and 7 figure businesses.

Our Full Curriculum, Template & Standard Operating Procedures Library

Access all of our resources, downloads and high-impact training videos inside our private portal based on helping hundreds of jewellers double their income Includes access to Templates, SOPs, and “done for you” documentation on everything from dealing with objections, selling virtually, hiring assistants, and so much more. *This library will be building weekly, as we develop all assets*

Get the profitable, virtual atelier you've been dreaming of (you choose your hours, your prices, your clients) with our 12 months of customized support

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Vivian Saade

Kathleen is caring and knowledgeable about the jewelry business and creates a professional, safe and nurturing environment for designers to discuss their goals and set backs and come up with solutions supported by other likeminded designers.

-Vivian Saade

Here’s what we'll support you within The Society: 

Determine the messaging, positioning, price point, and delivery of your jewelry so that you have the ability to sell at high prices to clients who buy your $10,000+ pieces again (and again!)

Design the elements of your unique business - how do you thrive working with your clients? What kind of jewelry do you love to deliver? What is the role that you should step into in order to grow your business.

Design your own business to be totally scalable and unique to you, so you don’t get caught up as the bottleneck to your growth.

Create an easy to follow visibility to plan that gets you in front of your ideal clients and makes it an easy YES to your high-ticket pieces.

Make sure that your pricing leaves lots of money in your own pocket, so every piece you sells builds your own business.

Get ready to scale! Once you’ve mastered organic leads, get ready to turn on the faucet of new leads with simple funnels and paid advertising.

You are sitting on a gold mine (you just don’t know it!) It is time to make sure that you are CLOSING the sales for your high-ticket jewelry. Just because you are selling high-end doesn’t mean that you will be spending tons of time closing every sale, but it is important to get the skills and ability to close your sales and comfortably deal with any objections that might come up in the process.

We will make sure that your sales process is streamlined. You’ll get the exact templates that we use as well as a library of objections that you can use in your own business. 

Phase One:
Sales on Demand

Figure out your unique blueprint that will give you the ability and skill set to call in clients, anytime! You’ll know exactly how to create content that converts, your unique messaging based on your own pillars of values. We will help design your visibility blueprint to be low-maintenance for you, while still being high-impact for calling in your potential clients.

Even if you already have a pipeline full of leads, many clients make some tweaks to their existing client acquisition process that will make it infinitely easier to create leads whenever you need them and make sure your content is as streamlined and irresistible as possible. 

Phase Two: More High- Networth Clients 

Build the simple systems to sell your pieces at scale...without any crazy technology! No more wasting time doing live events. We replace your time and energy with powerful assets that do all of the heavy lifting.

We take the variables and guesswork out of it and provide you with all of the outlines and templates you need to achieve your sales goals. We also talk about how to hire, including done for your templates and on-going guidance to get the technical support you need in your business.

Phase Three: Scale Your Sales

“I just had the highest sales ever in a week!”

Thank you Kathleen, you have changed my business, my life, I would be laying on the floor wallowing in self pity, then combust into a huge fire ball because of not knowing what to do!
Now that I have the support and systems in The Society, I know exactly the next step to take!

-Pattie Parkhurst , Custom Jeweler

Pattie Parkhurst

“You're the real deal!”

Do you know how many people have told me to raise my prices? None of them were able to help me understand why and coach me through doing it like you did!
I didn’t think investing more time in something would lead to me having more time and freedom, but The Society has done just that! You're the best!

-Alysha Whitefield, Fine Jeweler

Alysha Whitefield

The Society is for you whether you don’t yet sell your jewelry at $10K+ or if you already do and want to scale and automate the process.

Scenario #1

"I already sell my pieces at $10K+"

Great! Get my advice and coaching on getting your business scale-ready (based on my experience helping businesses add $1.5 million to their bottom line during the pandemic). By assessing your role, and what team members you're needing (so you never feel unsupported, or your clients are not receiving the care that will make them come back for more). Discover how to move away from wholesale. And focus on direct-to-consumer - entering a new chapter, including proven, smooth systems and wildly different profit margins. Ease, automation - without losing the intimacy that makes your atelier so special. 

Scenario #2

"I don’t yet sell my pieces at $10k+ - but I really want to"

Perfect! Even if you've never sold high-end before, we'll help you get there, step by step.(and don’t worry if you are nervous about charging more...many students do too! We will make sure that your positioning is irresistible and totally high-end). Selling your jewelry at premium pricing is the best way to increase your revenue. While avoiding the race to the bottom that plagues so many jewelers. You’ll learn to sell your high-ticket pieces at scale, right from the start. Lucky you!

We are redefining the new standards for the high-end jewelry industry, and you’re invited to join us 

Be the first in your niche to implement this innovative, cutting edge intimate virtual strategy that gives you a huge advantage. You want to implement this before your competitors do.

The sooner you learn to successfully present and sell your jewelry online, the sooner you can start scaling your revenue. Your collectors and audience are waiting for you to offer them a sales experience like this! 

We are currently accepting applications for fine jewelers who want to either add a high-end line to their product suite or improve the online delivery of selling their high-end jewelry directly to their consumers…

 ...and then sell those high-end pieces without any fancy technology, complex advertising using my powerful system for streamlining high ticket sales. 

Spots are extremely limited, to ensure our ability to customize strategic support. So If you are ready to streamline your sales process, create a profitable virtual altierer, and make sure that your jewelry is priced to build your legacy brand...apply now!

Christine Lupo

Getting a schedule set up and sticking to it. Getting my financial house in order and being able to get three months of aged money in my accounts. Setting up systems in all areas of my business. Staying on track even with the crazy year we have had and staying focused on the things that would keep my business moving forward.

Joining The Society is the best thing they could do for their business if you are serious about taking it to the next level.

-Christine Lupo

"I am on track to double my sales from last year thanks to all of the systems I have put in place."

Apply for the High-End Jewelers Society

What would it mean for your business to sell up to 5-15 pieces per month at $10k-$20k each…

...without traveling to expensive trade shows or meeting in person? 

Let’s do the math: how much is it costing you to not sell direct to consumer? 

If you are currently only selling in person... you are wasting so many HOURS of your time (or even worse, paying someone else to waste their time!) How much is that worth? As the CEO of your business, your hours are worth at least thousands of dollars, if not more….

If you are only selling your jewelry wholesale, just by moving to direct to consumer, you can give yourself a 4x raise (yes, I know, because this is something that we will do together in The Society with our profitability pricing calculator!)

If you can add even just 3-5 new clients at month at this new premium price point (without spending all of your time on sales or delivery) what would that mean for your business?

If you aren’t currently offering high-end designs for your current are literally missing out on tens of thousands in revenue...but you’re also missing out on serving your best clients at a higher level.

Let me show you how to master the only high ticket sales system that retains the integrity of the intimate relationship while eliminating the need to meet in person with The High-End Jewelers Society. 

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