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Get the Personalized Mentorship, Systems and Step by Step Guidance you Need to Sell Your $10,000+ Luxury Pieces ... 
…Virtually, of Course! 

If you sell luxury jewelry, you owe it to yourself (or your family business) to learn how to nurture, present and sell virtually… 

… with the same level of integrity, connection and intimacy that you have when you're selling in person. 

Does any of this sound FAMILIAR?

You’ve mastered getting more likes on your Instagram posts, but you are so ready to have a clear plan on how to turn your LEADS into SALES in a way that feels really good for you and your clients (and more $$$ in the bank)

You are suffering from shiny object syndrome - bouncing from one idea to the next and never fully committed. Should I start running ads? Do I attend this tradeshow? And you have a whole pile of unfinished projects with nothing really to show.

You are teetering on burnout - there is no way you can update your website, learn SEO, show up on Instagram - and create your gorgeous creations - all while spending time with your family and friends. Something has to get easier! 

You see jewelers with WAY less skill charge 10x your prices - and you know that charging more will lead you to spend more time with your clients and make more sales (and money), but you just aren’t sure HOW to justify those higher prices. 


"Highest Year Ever"

With the least amount of time in the studio! Everything that could have gone wrong this year, did! Family crisis, Corna-virus, even my biggest show was cancelled. And still - I’m up five figures over last year’s numbers!

- Katy Bey, Fine Jeweler 

My name is Kathleen Cutler, sales genius to multi million dollar jewelry brands (and Mainer mom of a two-year-old) and I can help you get paid what you're worth, and have the confidence to close high networth clients…. without spending the next decade trial and error-ing your way there (you want results, and you want them fast).

What if inquiries for your most couture pieces came rolling into your DM's while you're having dinner with your family…

…and you could (consistently) close $50,000+ clients between your first and second glass of wine?


(including clients are a 5-year hiatus, spending 5-figures on a piece the first time they buy, getting referred and sought out at every life milestone)

kena treadway

"4,920% increase in revenue year over year"

“Kathleen looks at your business as a whole and determines exactly what it is that she feels she can do for you. And I know that if you give her the opportunity that you will experience the exact same thing with great results as I have.”

- Kena Treadway, Few Made Jewelry

Sold a $20k diamond AND tackled $20k in Debt

Sold a $7,500 piece of jewelry and it was the easiest sale yet!

$85k month with a huge Profit Margin since moving from whole to retail!

Doubled her prices and an existing client bought again with no price objections!

melissa caron

Before working with Kathleen, I struggled so much with organizing my business and charging higher price points, I'd simply bury my head and make jewelry (while the money was leaking out like water).

Since working with Kathleen, I confidently created a collaboration with a public figure, and had a $68,000 week! I was able to pay down debt and even by a new computer, as well as getting major press and on national TV!

- Melissa Caron, Fine Jewelry Retailer 

“I just had a $68k Week followed by a national TV segment!”

Christine Lupo

Before I started with Kathleen, my business was a hot mess. Now, I actually can see where the business is going and what I need to do and when I need to be ramping up, bringing new clients in, when I need to make more appointments.

I'm just thrilled that it's all getting me organized and that the money is coming and I can see where the money will come in going forward.

- Christine Lupo, Private Jeweler

“$14,367 booked in 30 days and $75,000 in the pipeline”

How I help retailers & designers

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