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Just like Everything in Today's World, the Strategy to Selling to Affluent Clients has Shifted.

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The 4 secrets you need to virtually sell to the affluent (while they are hanging out in their multi-million dollar mansions, not traveling or going to the opera) 

Where to find your first high-end collectors in the "gold mine" you've been ignoring (hint: you'll walk away with a few nuggets of gold to mine right away) 

What real high ticket clients are actually looking to for when they invest in premium products (it's not actually more expensive materials!) 

The single most important mindset shift you can make now to set yourself up for success (which doesn't require anything more than changing a few habits) 

How my clients are able to consistently sell their five figure products every week (to both new and existing clients. You'll learn why the phrase, the best clients are the ones you have, is key) 

The biggest shifts and changes happening in the High End Sales industry that you can't afford to ignore (it has to do with the psychology of selling to the affluent and once you learn it, you'll never go back)

Why the old way of selling high end products doesn't work anymore and what to do instead to become part of the new era of old school techniques of selling your products through relationships

Here is what you'll learn

‘I am 303% up over last year!’

Before the program my typical project were low four figures and I had a little apprehension wondering if my clients would pay that. Our work in the society helped get me more comfortable with higher prices and I have no doubt that five figure projects are around the corner! 

-Susanne Siegel, Custom Jeweler, Past President Women's Jewelry Association, Chicago Chapter 

Susanne Siegel

I'm Kathleen Cutler, 

Sales genius to multimillion-dollar jewelry brands (and Mainer mom of a two-year-old), and I help successful (c’mon, you secretly know you are) fine jewellers who are in love with the creative process, AND desire 7 or 8-figure income …

If you sell luxury products, you owe it to yourself (or your family business) to learn how to nurture, present and sell virtually…

… with the same level of integrity, connection and intimacy that you have when you're selling in person. 

The masterclass will give you a behind the scenes look at what is working now

You’ll discover exactly how to take everything you're doing right in person… and apply it virtually for more intimacy, more sales and higher profits.

We are redefining the new standards for the high-end sales industry, and you’re invited to join us 

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